What are the benefits of construction management for the project owner?

The involvement of the construction manager during planning and design provides the owner with reliable information about probable costs and schedules.

Construction management achieves a more efficient procurement process, resulting in more effective management of construction budgets.

It permits the use of phased construction, sequential bidding or fast-track procedures, streamlining the design and construction stages of the project.

Construction management increases flexibility throughout the entire project, in both design and construction. Adjustments to budgets and contracts can be more readily made as required.

Construction management permits the participation of the owner in decision making for all stages of design and construction, enabling the owner to obtain the desired quality and timing of the end product and the most value for each dollar spent.

The architect and the construction manager can engage in value analyses of alternative design and construction procedures from the early stages of design development.

Competitive bidding can be used for all trade contracts of the project. Trade contractors can be selected for their expertise in certain phases of construction. The latest technology and current marketing conditions are more readily incorporated into the decision-making process – e.g., timing bid closing to ensure maximum contractor interest.

Construction management reduces the layering of bonding required – each trade contractor furnishes a bond for his portion of the work. The financial structure is compartmentalized, and financial failure cannot spread.

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