What is the most important contribution Daoust Construction can make to the success of a project?


The planning stage is crucial to the success of any construction management project. Daoust Construction participates in pre-design or design conferences and partnering or value management workshops. This ensures commitment from all parties, solidifies the understanding of project goals and builds team spirit.

Daoust Construction provides planning and helps the design team prioritize and package design components to coincide with trade tender packages. We establish detailed sequencing of activities and meet with the trade contractors to review their planning strategies to ensure that they are compatible with the project deliverables.

We have extensive experience planning and implementing major fast-tracked and sequentially tendered projects.

Our Work Breakdown Structure and Responsibility/Accountability Model are invaluable tools for communicating roles and responsibilities.

Daoust Construction identifies bid packages and determines the contracting strategy in conjunction with the design team and the owner. This enables us to plan a design schedule, link it to construction work packages and determine the need for pre-purchase items.

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