General contracting is the build segment of the traditional design/bid/build approach. A designer, working with the owner, produces drawings and specifications of the proposed building. Daoust Construction does an in-depth analysis of these documents and submits a lump-sum bid to perform the work.

General contracting is a relatively straightforward process with generally predictable results. Advantages include the following:

  • The general contracting procedures are well established and broadly documented
  • It is the system best understood by most owners
  • Public owners can follow carefully crafted legal and procedural guidelines
  • Owners have a good idea of the final cost of the project prior to construction

But there are a few critical concerns:

  • The design/bid/build sequence may require a great deal of time
  • The increasing complexity of building construction, intensified regulation and, on occasion, inadequate fees for designers now make it more difficult to prepare a final set of contract documents before starting the project
  • All bids may exceed the designer’s estimate of cost, which can lead to delays, possible redesign or even cancellation of the project
  • Adversarial relationships can develop because the three principal parties have very different financial goals