Rescue Management

Today’s construction projects are extremely complex, with tight timelines and budgets. These factors increase the risk of project failure. Our rescue management service provides an in-depth analysis of a project and recommendations for recovery actions to overcome obstacles and complete the project. These services include assessment, documentation management, claim support and creation of litigation presentations for settlement, mediation, arbitration and trial.

Daoust Construction also offers the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Location and layout studies
  • Detailed planning
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Building management and maintenance

With the design/build method, we perform both design and construction under one lump-sum agreement. Our design/build services are the result of a strict qualification-based process where design and construction quality are paramount. We team up with only the top architectural, engineering and design firms to provide the design component of the project.

The most appealing aspect of design/build is single-point responsibility. The owner deals with a single service provider rather than a separate architect, contractor, interior designer, etc. Single-point responsibility also reduces the time spent by the owner on design and construction, including designer and general contractor selection, and on maintaining communication with both parties.

Design/build is invariably a quicker delivery system than design/bid/build lump-sum contracting, due primarily to the merger of the design and construction teams. This reduces the number of key parties, which in turn reduces document preparation time, bid time, change orders and close-out.


Bridging is a sequential design/build. There are two distinct steps. First, an owner contracts with us to prepare partial documents in a process similar to the traditional owner-designer relationship. We prepare a package of documents sufficient to define the building’s scope, design and intent. On the basis of these documents, we provide the owner with a proposal to:

  • Price all work
  • Perform value engineering, constructability and cost evaluation
  • Complete the documents
  • Secure all legal approvals and permits
  • Provide fixed total costs, perhaps with either a lump sum or a guaranteed maximum price
  • Construct the building
  • Turn the building over to the owner as a completed project

The intent of bridging is to allow an owner to work with our designer to conceive a building suitable to the owner's needs and then obtain an estimate of fixed costs prior to committing to complete documents and construction.


With the turnkey delivery system, Daoust Construction delivers a completed building to the owner for a pre-arranged price. Design, construction and financing are included in the cost. We provide interim financing and necessary insurance until the completion of the project. The land may be included in the agreement. Some or all of the equipment in the building may also be included in the price.

The types of buildings where turnkey is extremely effective include:

  • Warehouses
  • Utility buildings
  • Franchise restaurants and standard hotels and motels
  • Light manufacturing buildings
  • Strip shopping malls

More and more, turnkey is being used to build increasingly complex projects, particularly where the owner wants the project financing to be handled by others.


Similar to turnkey, leaseback involves the financing and ownership by Daoust Construction – temporary or long-term – of design/build projects. Leaseback consists of a tenant agreement for a period of time and then a transfer to the owner for a set price. While most leaseback arrangements are found in the private sector, many have been completed for public clients, including:

  • Military base housing
  • Public housing
  • Branch post offices
  • Student housing