Building Relationships: A Team Approach

Daoust Construction promotes a team approach through leadership, communication, integrity and fairness.

In fact, teamwork is the very first section of our company’s procedures manual. Here are some excerpts:

"Companies don’t do things, people do.… People want team members who can be counted on to be honest, do their bit, and enjoy it in the process.… Often clients are anxious about their projects: it’s their money and their jobs may be on the line. The fact is, DC supports all of the client’s project objectives, not just those for which we have contractual responsibility. The team members’ contractual relationship is inconsequential to a genuine team concept. We use our skills to encourage all involved to pool their resources. It’s also good policy to do more than the contract calls for. Human nature being what it is, if all stakeholders do more than what they think their share is, it will come out about right. Some people may take advantage, but others will reciprocate. You will form long and profitable relationships with them."

Many contractors view construction management as just another opportunity for them. At Daoust Construction, construction management is not an opportunity. It’s a business philosophy. We look after the owner’s interests at all times. We focus on managing risks at all times. We make construction concerns fade away. We call this our TEQnik® Method. TEQ stands for Time, Economy and Quality.

As construction managers, we actively participate in the design process by providing constructive feedback to project consultants.

The Professional Construction Management Method brings the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines together to direct and monitor the planning, estimating, bidding, constructing and commissioning of a project on time and on budget.

Our role as construction managers includes strategic involvement in the critical planning stages and pre-construction all the way to commissioning and close-out. We prepare the overall construction management plan and are responsible for directing, managing and controlling the performance and schedule for the project.

We have always taken a broad leadership role when it comes to managing projects. We monitor the deadlines for document deliverables and actively participate in the design process by offering feedback on value and constructability issues. We ensure that budget, scheduling and quality are carefully considered as critical factors. We also provide feedback on the clarity of the design intent before the documents are distributed to the bidders as part of our risk management role.

We have the controls and the monitoring systems to accurately track project objectives, schedule and budget progress on a project.

Our system resources, coupled with our strategic approach to projects and our technical capabilities, enable us to offer better co-ordination and control over projects.

Information Systems

Daoust Construction is committed to using the latest computer-assisted management and reporting systems. All our project management, scheduling, estimating and accounting functions are computerized.

We’ve developed a proprietary project administration database for quick and detailed project tracking and control. In 2000, we installed the most advanced construction accounting system available in North America. This system is fully integrated with our estimating system.