With the project management method, Daoust Construction acts as an agent for the owner, managing the entire design and construction process from program to completed building. This is a comprehensive approach to building program implementation in which we:

  • Supplement and support the owner’s existing staff
  • Provide a single point of management for the entire process
  • Maximize front-end planning to reduce problems during execution
  • May employ a variety of delivery systems for design and construction
  • May provide a range of services, from early feasibility studies to post-construction facility management

Project management is particularly effective when projects involve multiple buildings or structures built over several years. It is also an invaluable approach when an owner has limited knowledge of construction, lacks in-house capacity or has decided not to involve staff in the project.

The benefits of project management include:

  • Independent expertise
  • Knowledgeable defence of the owner’s interests
  • Improved control of the design and construction process
  • Flexibility in design, construction and maintenance procedures