The TEQnik® Method

Successful projects don’t just happen – they are the result of teamwork, planning and controls.

Daoust Construction takes a systematic, ongoing approach to managing risk by using established risk management procedures. We manage construction risk through the use of four separate methodologies: identification, evaluation, implementation and maintenance.

Risk assessment includes reviews of the scope of requirements compared with preliminary budgets; document quality with respect to completeness and reflection of user requirements; the ability to construct within the design intent; plus extraneous factors such as labour harmony, market conditions, and the ability to deliver construction as scheduled.

We’ve added our wealth of practical experience to risk management techniques and developed our proprietary TEQnik® Method to provide our clients with many advantages, including the following:

  • Time management – We achieve effective scheduling, streamlining, co-ordination and fast-tracking of activities by intelligently compressing and sequencing them. By doing so, we ensure that milestones and deadlines are respected. The project schedule is divided into five different stages: design, procurement activities (bidding and pre-purchase), deliveries (manufacture and shipping), construction and start-up. Construction is divided into logical work elements.
  • Economy management – By performing timely and continuous cost evaluations, life cycle costing and value engineering contributions, we ensure that budgets are respected. Influences such as market pressures and risk factors are continuously monitored and evaluated appropriately. A comprehensive Construction Cost Plan is developed, which relates to the Work Breakdown Structure and forms the baseline for project cost updates and reports.
  • Quality management – We prepare, manage and control the quality of the project from design and pre-construction to construction and occupancy. We develop a project-specific Quality Management System (QMS) and begin by reviewing drawings and specifications for specific quality standards and measurable results. With the support of the design team, we develop a thorough and measured quality assurance process to monitor, measure and inspect against the established quality control criteria.

We carry out systematic inspections and provide the necessary reports. We maintain, monitor and audit the quality control records against the QMS and report results to the project team. Inspections are conducted in a structured fashion, with measured results that confirm that the work inspected meets the established criteria.

Commissioning is an integral part of our quality management approach. We prepare a commissioning plan to address all performance parameters for the design, construction and post-construction stages. This ensures that all systems are thoroughly inspected before commissioning begins.

What ensures that our TEQnik Method works so well is our open-book philosophy, which builds both confidence and trust. That’s something we’ve been doing for generations.