Today's construction projects are extremely complex, with tight timelines and budgets. This creates risk for all the parties involved in the project. The good news is that risk can be successfully managed. It just takes the right approach.

Our approach to quality management is designed to mitigate risk. All parties involved in a project have the same exposure to risk from the onset. If any party fails to participate in the process, the project will not achieve its time, cost or quality objectives.

We implement a risk management program from the beginning of the project. We also believe disputes can be avoided through proper planning and project strategy during pre-construction and by involving the entire project team.

In our experience, the greatest challenges to the successful completion of the work are the timely release of accurate and complete design information; the timely presentation and approval of submissions; the management of changes to the work; and the maintenance of a realistic schedule that reflects the actual status of the project.

The key to risk management is to establish communication between all parties through partnering. This ensures that everybody has a clear understanding of the obligations and expectations. Partnering establishes a complete and realistic plan for the execution of the design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases. It also establishes the systems necessary to communicate all relevant technical and administrative information and the systems necessary to recognize and adjust for deviations in the plan.