Find out how our team has been making construction anxieties fade away for over half a century.

Daoust Construction is a family business – and has been for more than 50 years. We bring a tradition of personalized service and a hands-on approach to every project. We support all of our clients’ project objectives, not just those for which we have contractual responsibility. Over the years, we’ve found this combination of personal service and a commitment to partnership to be the best approach for building successful projects and great relationships with our clients.

Daoust Construction is also committed to the future. We use cutting-edge project management methodologies and the latest technology and construction techniques. Our team of highly experienced managers, engineers and project superintendents combines a full range of technical, administrative and trade skills. We bring this integrated, multidisciplinary approach to all our projects, ensuring that you get the best results on time and on budget.

Most importantly, every member of our team is committed to the most valuable service we offer our clients – risk management. For every project, we do our utmost to protect our clients’ interests and assets.